Gmail-YouTube shut down for 40 minutes, 20,000 hours of videos not uploaded to YouTube, loss of Rs 9.41 crore

By | December 14, 2020

Gmail-YouTube shut down for 40 minutes, 20,000 hours of videos not uploaded to YouTube, loss of Rs 9.41 crore

Google, one of the world’s largest tech companies, lost 19 services. Its services were disrupted for 40 minutes. Login and access problems started at 5:26 pm Indian time and re-stored at 6:06 pm. Google has not commented on the issue. Mostly this problem came up on Gmail, Google Drive and YouTube. This caused a lot of trouble for the users.

According to the data, 500 hours of data is uploaded on YouTube in 60 seconds, which means that 20,000 hours of data could not be uploaded in a difficult period of 40 minutes, resulting in a loss of about Rs 9.41 crore. YouTube earns about 32 thousand dollars or about 23.53 lakh rupees per minute.

The service is down

Gmail, YouTube, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Groups, Hangouts, Chat, Meet, Vault, Currents, Forms, Cloud Search, Keep, Task, Voice.

The service was on

Google search engine and map.

About 9,000 cases of users having problems accessing YouTube were found in the down detector. This was also the case with Gmail and YouTube. Complaints of disruption to Google’s service were received not only in Europe but also in Australia, the east coast of the United States and Africa, South America and Asia.

Services like Cloud, Drive and Docs also crash

According to Britain’s Mirror newspaper, 54% of people in the world could not access YouTube. 42% could not login and 15% could not access the website. In addition, 75% of Gmail users could not login. While 15 percent of the people could not access the website. In addition, 8% of people could not receive the message.

180 million Gmail users

Gmail has over 180 million users worldwide. They have a 43% market share of email services in 2020. While 27 percent of people email by phone. More than 75 percent of people use a phone to access email. In the year 2020, 306.4 billion emails are sent and received every day. YouTube has over 200 million users.

At about 5:26 p.m., an error page appeared on several services, including Google’s Gmail service and Hangout, which lasted until 6:06 p.m.

The service was disrupted

“Many of our users are having problems with the service, which we are aware of. Our team is working to resolve this issue and will be updating soon,” the message said on social media.

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