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By | January 25, 2021

On 9 August 2019, with the approval of President Ramnath Kovind on the Motor Vehicle Reform Bill 2019, a new Motor Vehicle Act has come into force in the country. So now there are many questions in people’s minds, to which you have not got the right answer till today. In such a case, we will tell you some of the new rules of the new Motor Vehicle Act, knowing that you will be completely free from tension.

Aggregators fined up to Rs 1 lakh for violating driving license rules

Under the new law, a fine of Rs 10,000 will be levied for not giving way to emergency vehicles as well as for driving despite being disqualified. Aggregators violating driving license rules will be fined up to Rs 1 lakh. While high speed drivers get Rs. A fine of Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,000 will be levied.

Learn what the new 19 rules of traffic are.

  1. Under Section 178, a fine of Rs.500 / – will now be levied for traveling without a ticket.
  2. Under Section 179, if the officers do not accept the order, a fine of Rs. 2000 has to be paid.
  3. A fine of Rs.5000 / – will be levied for driving without a license under section 181.
  4. A fine of Rs.10,000 shall be levied for driving a vehicle even after disqualification under section 182.
  5. Under Section 183, a fine of Rs.1000 / – for LMV and Rs.2000 / – for MPV will now be levied for overspeeding.
  6. Under Section 184, a fine of up to Rs.
  7. There is a provision of penalty of Rs. 10,000 for driving under the influence of alcohol under section 185.
  8. Under section 189, there is now a penalty of Rs. 5000 for speeding / racing.
  9. Under Section 1921 A, a fine of up to Rs. 10,000 has to be paid for driving without a permit.
  10. Section 193 provides for a fine of Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 1 lakh for breach of license rules.
  11. Overloading under section 194 (for goods exceeding the prescribed limit) Rs.2000 and Rs.1000 per tonne and a maximum of Rs. 20,000 and a maximum penalty of Rs. 2000 per tonne.
  12. Section 194A now provides for a penalty of Rs.1000 for overloading (if there are more passengers than capacity).
  13. Failure to fasten a seat belt under section 194B will result in a fine of Rs.1000.
  14. Under section 194C, now there will be more load on scooters and bikes i.e. if there are more than two people, Rs. Penalties up to 2000 and the license can be revoked for 3 months.
  15. Under section 194D, a fine of up to Rs.1000 without a helmet and license can be revoked for 3 months.
  16. Under section 194E, a fine of up to Rs.10,000 may be levied for not giving way to emergency vehicles such as ambulances.
  17. A fine of Rs.2000 / – will be levied for driving without insurance under section 196.
  18. The parents / owners will now be found guilty in the case of offenses committed by a minor under section 199. Which carries a penalty of up to 3 years. The juvenile will be prosecuted under the Juvenile Act. Vehicle registration will also be canceled.
  19. The officers have the right to suspend a driving license under sections 183, 184, 185, 189, 190, 194 C, 194 D and 194E.
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