Post Office New Saving Scheme 2021 | Post Office Savings Account Online Opening 2021

By | February 22, 2021

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Who To Chek Post Office New Saving Scheme 2020 Deposit 200 and obtain Rs 21 Lakh Know intimately:

 While it’s difficult to save lots of in today’s turbulent times, there’s excellent news for the overall public at the present. India Post Office has come up with a scheme that you simply won’t believe knowing about it. In such times of turmoil, when people leave of their far more than their income, there’s no means of saving for the center class family.

The post office has recently launched a replacement scheme that you simply can cash in of and save more in less time. If you would like to become a lakhpati, you’ve got to open an account at the post office, during which you’ll save Rs 200 and obtain Rs 21 lakh.

Currently, the post office has launched this new scheme during which you’ll easily save Rs 200 from daily expenses. If you create small savings during this point, it’ll be beneficial for you in the future. The Post Office’s Public Provident Fund account is one of the simplest savings options today. you’ve got to save lots of Rs. 200 per day during this account. If you’ll save Rs 200 per day, it can become a fund of Rs 21 lakh. you’ll open an account anywhere for this scheme.

With this scheme, you’ll open this post office account in any branch of the country. With this you’ll open quite one account otherwise you can open a joint account for 2 people to work the account.

How to get Rs 21 lakh This Scheme: 

If you’re 25 years old, you’ll save only Rs. 200 from your expenses and after 15 years you’ll get the support of around Rs. 21 lakhs from these savings. For this scheme, you simply need to save Rs.500 per day and deposit it in your account. 200 per month are going to be 6000 and therefore the year investment is going to be 72000 rupees. If you save Rs 200 for 15 years, your investment are going to be Rs 10.80 lakh.

At an equivalent time, in PPF, interest is going to be added to your money in terms of compounding at 8% once a year. Also, if you get interested at this rate for 15 years, the entire return is going to be Rs 21 lakh. this suggests you’ll get a further advantage of Rs 10.81 lakh within the sort of interest on your total investment.

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To avail of this scheme, you would like to open an account for less than Rs. 100 and invest a minimum of Rs. 500 during a year and thereupon you’ll invest a further Rs. 1.5 lakhs within the account during a year. you’ll also open this account in your child’s name. However, it doesn’t feature pre-mature withdrawals.

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