Reliance Jio to launch cheap 4G smartphones with Realm, talks with other companies

By | December 14, 2020

Reliance Jio to launch cheap 4G smartphones with Realm, talks with other companies : Reliance has provided 4G connectivity through cheap Geophone

Apart from smartphones, other connected devices will also be launched

Reliance Jio is working with several companies including Realmy to launch cheap 4G smartphones and other connected devices. Sunil Dutt, president of Reliance Jio’s Devices and Mobility at the Indian Mobile Congress 2020, said that people using 2G handsets need to be provided with affordable devices to upgrade to 4G or 5G.

Benefited 4G connectivity through cheap Geophone

Sunil Dutt said that as an organization, Reliance had earlier taken advantage of 4G connectivity through cheap Geophone. The company is working with Realmy and other companies for another 4G device. Geo is also considering launching other connected devices besides the smartphone segment.

5G will provide many opportunities for innovation

Realm CEO Madhav Sethe said that 5G will provide opportunities for innovation in the future and it will not be limited to smartphones. The chipset will play an important role in delivering 5G to the maximum number of people. MediaTek’s role will be crucial in keeping India on track with the global track for 5G.

Our responsibility to deliver affordable 5G devices to the people

“We are hardware makers,” said Madhav Sethe. I think it is our responsibility to deliver a maximum 5G devices at a price determined according to the capacity of the people. This work is to be done without compromising with the technology of the device. Anku Jain, managing director, chipset manufacturing company MediaTek India, said the company has strongly adopted digital technology during the epidemic.

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