SOP announced for opening school, no assessment for 2-3 weeks, forcible not to call student to school

By | October 5, 2020

SOP announced for opening school, no assessment for 2-3 weeks, forcible not to call the student to school”: SOP declared for school reopening, no assessment for 2-3 weeks, forcible not to call the student to school. 

Following the relaxation in the Central Government’s Unlock 5 guideline, some states have decided to reopen the school independently after October 15, given the current situation. In view of this, the Ministry of Education has prepared an SOP regarding the opening of the school.

  1. The Ministry of Education announced the SOP regarding the opening of the school
  2. The state may open schools from October 15
  3. Only with the approval of the family can the children be called to school

The Ministry of Education of the Government of India on Monday announced the standard operating procedure for opening a school. According to Jane, babies have no assessment for two to three weeks. The student’s mental health and emotional safety must also be considered. Emergency care teams will have to be formed on campus. Only with the approval of the family can the children be called to school.

The first part of this SOP is about health, hygiene and safety. The second part emphasizes teaching and learning with social distance in mind. Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank said, “I hope the state will follow this SOP well.” No student should be forcibly called to school.

Announcing the SOP, the Ministry of Education said that every part of the school has to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before opening the schools. Hand washing and disinfection should be managed. Emphasis has also been placed on safe transportation plans, plans for special time intervals between standards, all security arrangements at the entry and exit centers, and arrangements for safe stay in hostels.

The SOP is said to maintain a social distance of 6 feet. In standard, laboratory and sports-connected areas, everyone will always have to wear a mask. Frequent hand washing and breathing rules are also advised.

Flexibility in attendance is included in the SOP as per the guideline of Unlock 5. If the student wants, he can opt for online class instead of going to school.

The first part of the SOP

All areas of school campus, furniture, equipment, stationery, storage place, water tank, kitchen, washroom, lab, library should be cleaned and disinfected.

The school will have to form an Emergency Care Support Team or Response Team, General Support Team, Commodity Support Team, Hygiene Inspection Team and share the responsibilities under it.

The school should prepare its own SOP based on the guidelines issued by the states so that social distance and health safety can be observed in the case of children. Notices, posters, messages should be put up in this regard and parents should also be mainly communicated.

Social / physical distance should be taken into consideration while preparing the seating plan. Functions and events are avoided. Entry-exit of all the students does not happen at the same time, for this different time table should be kept.

All children and staff come to school wearing face covers or masks. It must be worn during school hours. Safety protocol, signage and markings related to social distance should be applied.

The academic calendar is modified for all classes. Breaks and exams in particular need to be reconsidered.

Before reopening the school, make sure that all the children have the required textbooks available.

Health care attendants, nurses, doctors, counselors may be available at the school or in the vicinity to pay attention to the physical and mental health of the children.

Regular health checkups can also be arranged for school children and teachers.

Stay up to date on the health status of children, parents and teachers.

Children and staff can study or work from home when they are sick, creating a flexible attendance and sick leave policy.

The second part of the SOP

Create a comprehensive and alternative calendar with a focus on learning outcomes.

The academic calendar may be reworked in view of the new situation.

The school will have to focus on keeping the children united after the school opens.

Teachers should talk to children about the outline of their curriculum and the mode of learning. It includes face-to-face instructions, individual assignments, group based products and group presentations.

Also talk to the children about the dates of the school base assignment.

Attention should be paid to various methods of study such as use of workbooks, worksheets, technology base resources, so that social distance can be observed.

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The school should ensure that children who study at home during lockdown easily return to formal schooling. For this, schools should reconsider their calendar and annual curriculum plan. For which Skull can start Remedian classes or run a back-to-school campus.

Teachers, school counselors and school health workers come together to focus on students’ emotional safety.

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